HP M404 Printer

HP M404 Printer

An ideal printer for photographers that can print not only photos but also panoramas up to 10 feet long. Thanks to the UltraChrome HD P600 ink, the image quality is preserved for a long time, and the ink consumption for printing is reasonable. If you get more capacious containers, then you will have to replenish them very rarely. The printer is controlled via the touch screen, and can be connected not only via WiFi but also USB and Ethernet, which speeds up printing.

As with all inkjet photo printers, the main drawback is print speed. It prints a regular 8-by-10-inch photo in about three minutes, and if you print via WiFi, it takes about six minutes. Also, for full-fledged print quality, you need special Epson paper. If you decide to use paper from other manufacturers, you will need to work with the color profile settings.

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